Surplus specimen

The following specimens are a selection of our record-system and surplus to the collections of our zoological relations in Europe, North-America, Latin-America, Asia, Africa and Australia; they are available for those who can offer suitable housing and husbandry. Please note that the supplying parties may request for details about this aspect.

Macrocheira kaempferiJapanese giant crab
Notorynchus cepedianusCowshark
Heloderma suspectumGila monster
Spheniscus magellanicusMagellan penguin
Ephippiorhynchus senegalensisSaddle-billed stork
Ajaia ajajaRoseate spoonbill
Phoeniconaias minorLesser flamingo
Phoenicopterus chilensisChilean flamingo
Phoenicopterus roseusGreater flamingo
Phoenicopterus ruberCarribean flamingo
Somateria spectabilisKing eider
Tachyeres brachypterusFalkland flightless steamer duck
Geranoaetus melanoleucusGrey buzzard eagle
Haliaeetus leucocephalusBald eagle
Grus nigricollisBlack-necked crane
Balearica regulorumEast-african crowned crane
Calyptorhynchus magnificus Red-tailed cockatoo
Probosciger aterrimusPalm cockatoo
Amazona agilisJamaican black-billed amazon
Ara caninde/ ara glaucogularisCaninde macaw
Ara macaoScarlet macaw
Pulsatrix perspicillataSpectacled owl
Rhinoptynx clamatorStriped owl
Amazilia amaziliaAmazilia hummingbird
Buceros rhinocerosRhinoceros hornbill
Ramphastos tocoToco toucan
Macropus fuliginosusWestern grey kangaroo
Macropus giganteus -whiteWhite eastern grey kanagroo
Leontopithecus chrysomelasGolden-headed tamarin
Hylobates syndactylusSiamang
Dasypus novemcinctusNine-banded armadillo
Erethizon dorsatumNorth-american treeporcupine
Hydrochoerus hydrochaerisCapybara
Ursus arctos horribilisGrizzly bear
Suricata suricattaSlender-tailed meerkat
Felis bengalensis euptiluraAmur leopard cat
Panthera tigris - whiteWhite tiger
Arctocephalus australisSouth american fur seal
Arctocephalus pusillusSouth-african fur seal
Procavia capensisRock hyrax
Equus grevyiGrevy's zebra
Ceratotherium simumWhite rhinoceros
Giraffa camelopardalis capensisGiraffe
Oreotragus oreotragusKlipspringer
Ovis dalliDall sheep

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Wanted specimen

Please note that the destination will be informed to you in advance and is subject to your approval.

The wanted list with specimens that are required by our zoological-relations, is situated below the surplus-list; to go to wanted list